Work is Getting Quieter

We are reaching the end of the summer rush at the store. Most people who have plans to travel, go hiking, mountaineering, or kayaking, have now equipped themselves and the store’s been quite quiet for a couple of weeks.

Obviously, I like the store to be busy because I want us to be successful and I want to keep my job. However, it is also nice to have a bit of a lull and start thinking about the next season. Soon we’ll be clearing out some of the summer gear and making room for the fall and winter equipment. I have my eye on a couple of hats and a rather nice shirt that I may pick up once they go on sale. While I find hats rather uncomfortable, I know how important they can be if I’m out in the sun all day. I don’t greatly care that my hats are particularly stylish, so instead I look for something that will provide me with as much shade as possible.

I was able to come home a little early today, and so I think I’m that I’m going to fire up the grill and we’ll have chicken for dinner. I make a particularly great beer can chicken, which has the added advantage of forcing me to drink half a can of beer before dinner. Time to go and do something unspeakable to a chicken’s rear end. (Can’t wait to see what searches pop up in Google for this page now!)