Often believe that prevention and control of hyperhidrosis is not possible, it is an innate feature of an organism and to deal with such a feature is not possible. But in reality it is not so. Strong Sweating is not an innate feature of the disease that requires continuous control. Sweating – this is a serious problem that requires the use of drugs to deal with it. varied view. In addition to the pot stands and an unpleasant odor, which does not add joy to its owner. Due to illness the person has a sense of constant discomfort, he too often tend to think about how he looks at the moment.

This leads to the constant uncertainty and problems in communicating with the opposite sex, which adversely affects the lifetime. In addition, there are far more compelling reasons to control and prevent excessive sweating. Because of the large amount of discharge of sweat acidity of the skin changes, which creates favorable conditions for fungal and pyogenic flora. These two problems are much more serious than the constant discomfort, so the struggle with hyperhidrosis should start from the moment of diagnosis, in order to prevent serious complications. Increased perspiration control many ways. Use the bathroom with all sorts of herbs and plants: initial letter of drug, the leaves of walnut, sage. Also during the preventive procedures in the bath add oak bark, sage, chamomile. All this has a positive effect on the treatment of disease.

Also feet talc, which prevents perspiration. In addition to these methods of struggle with hyperhidrosis, and by surgery, but Not every venture at this procedure. There is a third option to get rid of this disease – is the use of antiperspirants that are struggling with the appearance of sweat. One such drug is the anti-perspirant. He helps to cope with hyperhidrosis. Remember – this is a unique product, not the usual spray to contain odors. At the heart of the drug is the active ingredient – aluminum chloride, by which it turns eliminate moisture in the treated area.