Chelyabinsk Medical Institute

Natural process of photosynthesis to help Russian scientists to find a bloodless, painless, has no contraindications way to deal with tumors. One of the elements of the chlorophyll, processed by special technology, resolves tumors, relieves a person from viral and bacterial infections, normalizes metabolism and hormonal status. Several years ago a group of experts of scientific laboratory famatsevticheskoy "Rada-Pharma" managed to create a completely new processing technology of chlorophyll extracted from the well-known to all of spirulina. The current element of chlorophyll energy stored in the active form of special patented technology, called "RADAHLOROFILL – C '. On the basis of a drug Photostim. (Details on Fotostime read on). In its structure and chemical composition it is close to hemoglobin in human blood, and that allows it to be "his" in the body. When injected into the bloodstream of an active water-soluble chlorophyll accumulates in the acidic environment is captured by the pathologically altered cells and microbes.

Under the influence red spectrum light (sunlight, daylight, their own body heat) or special devices (appliances home phototherapy "Dune", etc.) it is activated and emits singlet oxygen, which leads to destruction of abnormal cells and tissues. In this Radahlorofill-C (the Photostim) restores the healthy cells in their place of action, increases the absolute number of immune cells by 30-40%, significantly increasing their activity. With the help of the immune system restores itself and begins to struggle with chronic diseases. Impact on the effectiveness of Fotostima tissue and organ function in various diseases has been confirmed clinically at the Moscow Institute of Hematology, RAMS, clinics, Samara and Chelyabinsk Medical Institute and the Moscow Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Center named. NN Blokhin. The very first tests have shown high effectiveness of the active chlorophyll parapharmaceutics with serious diseases such as chronic hepatitis, psoriasis, chronic viral and bacterial infections, fibroids, mastitis, prostatitis and even malignant tumors, which are in the process of taking the drug significantly decreased in size.

Laser Medicine

She could not participate in its affairs. Over the long three-year period of the disease, they tried everything that is available both in this country and abroad … From despair woman left to himself, no longer interested in life, fell into periods of deep depression. Fate brought her to the clinic Laser Medicine to Dr. Trubnikov.

Partial removal of large vessels by laser could fix a serious condition skin. Patient ventured to this phased operation. Doctor held her 7 sessions: first – Careful work with vessels on one cheek, then – on the second, then – on the forehead, chin, nose … But the laser to remove small vessels is impossible. The first session is to remove the vessels on the face of the patient was still dating until the doctor with the properties eliminator. All lesions on the face of the patient after he handled the laser manganese. Face the patient after surgery and this treatment seemed creepy. She burst into tears.

Her husband, who had expected his wife to the clinic, very upset, seeing her in this state. And the next time I had to wait a long time: after the action of the manganese crust formed at the wounds, only to fall on the tenth day, and the scars are overgrown with even longer. Convinced by the example of George Anatolevicha in healing effect eliminator, the doctor decided to renounce the use of manganese in a patient, replacing it with the eliminator. After the next time he handled the patient's cheek eliminator. Eliminator has no color, he does not stain the skin. And the result exceeded all expectations: the wounds healed faster and scars quickly become less noticeable. Scabs on wounds withdrew on the third day! Patient was indescribable delight. She believed in and the result was happy. The process of working with a person lasted long enough. At this time the doctor went on to study Trubnikov products Neways. His attention was drawn to mask Hydracial, whose action during the presentation of Neways experienced the his wife Natalia. Assessing the effect of the mask on the skin Hydracial wife, Alexey offered his patient at the end of the course of laser operations use a mask to enhance the effect of healing the scars on her face. It was more than months before the patient has re-emerged in the clinic. Sumptuously dressed, and happy, she happily swam around the stunned doctor: "Excuse me, Doctor, that I so long did not appear to you: I was quite busy. I go on guests! I was waiting for this for so many years. You know, I do not even know my own father! There are no words to express my appreciation to you! "She really has changed beyond recognition: it is younger, prettier, came to life. A doctor Trubnikov obtained a result which could not have expected. Through a magnifying glass he carefully examined the individual patient. The laser he removed only the large vessels. Drawing on his experience, he knew exactly how to look like leather patient. Postoperative sutures could be seen. Doctor realized eliminator, acting on epithelization cells, accelerated the healing of joints, and trace operations are absolutely gone. But disappeared, and small vessels, to which it is not touching! Most of all, the surgeon was amazed that the mask helped to remove even the tiniest blood vessels, which he could not remove the laser. Face of the woman was absolutely clean! It is years younger in 15! On the emotional state of women say in this case simply do not have to … She's happy!


Us adds Rodrigo, of the four dimensions proposed by Mel Rhodes in 1961 for the study and understanding of creativity – process, person, product and environment-, is the process which offers older and better possibilities for action. The creative process is reproducible at will. We can rehearse it. We can practice. And we can do it without long periods of learning or difficult changes in criteria, attitudes and personal or corporate values.

In the process, in practice with operations, methods and techniques available to create, we have the element of lever able to initiate and foster changes and act on the environment and the immediate surrounding. In addition, it offers us a measuring instrument more effective than the tests available to measure fluency, originality, flexibility, processing capacity or sensitivity and goal-oriented. We know that we have learned something when we are able to do something that we weren’t able to do before learning what We learned. 0 when we do it better. And the realization, in the execution of knowledge and power, in the creative act, will be the demonstration and measurement of learning. If we create, if we are able to develop creative, effective and productive processes, we have made learning demonstration. And it will, at the same time, the best instrument for the Elimination of blockages, the change of mentalities and the change people. Adds David Prado on the subject, which is considered the leading and most competitive in the world organizations are aware that it is not enough to have good products, good marketing and good image.

Not enough with that are creative directors of the Organization and a privileged core that works in the laboratory of inventive innovation not only in the advertising field, the field of design and the creation of new products. It is necessary to go beyond. It is necessary that everyone in the Organization are creative, to contribute their ideas and alternatives for improving their work environment, to contribute their suggestions to the strategic plan of the organization with its most significant personal contributions commensurate with their talents both professional and strictly human in other areas such as humor, literary creationart…

Studying Medicine

The life of people is full of personal challenges, including one of the biggest is a good career move forward, which can work with ease and applying the knowledge gained from the study is to exercise the profession and to be someone who contributes to society by doing something that is of pleasure to you. So among the many possibilities for study in this document is offered as an option to study medicine, because this race means one of the largest developments of knowledge, and that its field of application is in the daily lives of all people, both studying medicine is one of the best routes to follow, since it raises the possibility of providing both a service of great importance to the community as a way of life that can mean pleasant experiences, accompanied by a pleasant life. As is well known the provision of health services is a very important task in any society, so the world needs to constantly educate future health professionals, which may meet, after studying medicine, his commitment to society. In developing the task of studying medicine, the lives of students get involved in a myriad of institutions providing health services, which will allow those conducting the task of studying medicine to develop not only knowledge of theory but also generated from the experience of practical situations for the development of medical school and subsequent implementation within an institution providing the health service. As you can understand studying medicine means the application of theoretical and practical knowledge gained from human body anatomical composition, functions and characteristics that occur in the human body and the possible effects which can happen by a person, the viable different options to cure the ills that can make a person. No clutch to study medicine is also very important to note the formation of a person with excellent human qualities, because that would be a useful physician not to apply their knowledge to benefit society, therefore to study medicine will not only be the proper study of the field of knowledge of human bodies, but also covered such topics as professional ethics, developing better quality service provision that will in the future. In the development of the activity of studying medicine, go through various cycles that allow the student, at the time of the profession, to provide a complete service, so the first cycle is the basics of medicine presented at the morphophysiology, which is the form and functioning of the various components of the human body and application of the exact sciences, as well as natural, then this cycle is passed propaedeutic medical applications and sciences applied and theoretical training after you pass the last cycle that is carrying out the practice.


Often believe that prevention and control of hyperhidrosis is not possible, it is an innate feature of an organism and to deal with such a feature is not possible. But in reality it is not so. Strong Sweating is not an innate feature of the disease that requires continuous control. Sweating – this is a serious problem that requires the use of drugs to deal with it. varied view. In addition to the pot stands and an unpleasant odor, which does not add joy to its owner. Due to illness the person has a sense of constant discomfort, he too often tend to think about how he looks at the moment.

This leads to the constant uncertainty and problems in communicating with the opposite sex, which adversely affects the lifetime. In addition, there are far more compelling reasons to control and prevent excessive sweating. Because of the large amount of discharge of sweat acidity of the skin changes, which creates favorable conditions for fungal and pyogenic flora. These two problems are much more serious than the constant discomfort, so the struggle with hyperhidrosis should start from the moment of diagnosis, in order to prevent serious complications. Increased perspiration control many ways. Use the bathroom with all sorts of herbs and plants: initial letter of drug, the leaves of walnut, sage. Also during the preventive procedures in the bath add oak bark, sage, chamomile. All this has a positive effect on the treatment of disease.

Also feet talc, which prevents perspiration. In addition to these methods of struggle with hyperhidrosis, and by surgery, but Not every venture at this procedure. There is a third option to get rid of this disease – is the use of antiperspirants that are struggling with the appearance of sweat. One such drug is the anti-perspirant. He helps to cope with hyperhidrosis. Remember – this is a unique product, not the usual spray to contain odors. At the heart of the drug is the active ingredient – aluminum chloride, by which it turns eliminate moisture in the treated area.