If we are not able to remove the positive part, teaching or the chance of a problem that we have suffered, or we are suffering, that problem will totally lacked direction, and therefore, while we have devoted to complain and complain because of this problem, will have also been a time nonsense; a time that we have lived without living it, a fraction of our lives, devoid of purpose. Victor Frankl. Book: Man’s search for meaning. Dedicated to: My brothers. Abihud, Abinadab, and Alberto, who overcame severe tests.

I’m remembering how twelve years ago I was living in mental, and emotional terms on the opposite side, to what I’m enjoying today. I have so this one time that if it is not because I have learned to have full command of my mental attitude, I lose control of my emotions, and inevitably would fall into a deep depression at the time. In a few words I can say that as many people at some stage in their life, I felt extremely sad, full of melancholy, vacuum, even came to live in a State of despair; I had really lost control of my emotions. The pain in my soul was unbearable. And I want to clarify that you didn’t me commit suicide; I never pass my mind that idea. Moreover, I was not even able to create a dependency on alcohol, drugs, or a human relationship of Codependence. He actually asked cries to help me. Only that didn’t know how to ask it for me sumi in a State of extreme isolation that was not able to speak with someone. I only lived in a contemplative State. I remember that when I overcame this painful but rewarding stage serious me in my mind and my heart these words of the favorite visual poet: loneliness I came to see if it was the river of forgetfulness.