What kind of dog to choose? Many people have strong opinions about the type of breed of dog he wants, but have they taken into account the nature of the dog, their availability, their way of life? So many questions to ask before buying or adopting a dog. Maybe you’re thinking of canine sport, in which case you will need a partner able to follow in agility, or in competitions. However, if you prefer a quiet family dog, is like the smaller breeds are not necessarily the most quiet?. Another important aspect is, of course, the price of the dog, if you choose a dog breed that is to say, acquired the farm papers and the price is high, based on mode, where fashion is Yorkshire, is charged with high price, if the contrary is a race less popular, the price is cheaper, so if you prefer; dog to the ground paperless, often purchased by individuals, because these crosses, the price will be much more interesting.

Total for all races (with documents) prices are around 350 to 1800 depending on the chosen race. So instead Male or female? Reputations are often more dominant male and female runaways, I would say it depends on the breed and the individuals concerned, but will still be vigilant and ensure a good education. They are also often more active than females, the veterinarian often will recommend castration. The female is considered more gentle and obedient, once again, the attention is not always the case. Consider its heat every 6 months and watch out for marauding dog if you do not have capacity to surprise?.