These nets, after the ending of the accord with the FNMA, are if structuralizing as associations, OSCIP (Social Organization of Public interest) or Fruns. In the case of the Net of Seeds of the Forest Estacional Semidecidual of So Paulo, ally to the regional ambient problems, it appeared for initiative of the ONG Ecoar that, developing important project of election of producing matrices of seeds in the city of Happy Port, perceived the lack of a regional organization to deal with the quality of the native forest seeds in the region. Thus, at the beginning of 2005 meeting in the Flona de Ipanema with the participation of some entities was carried through that developed works in the area of native forest seeds and that they could potentially participate of this net. Until the moment, the option of the partners of the Net it is not to institutionalize, working of similar form to the Committees of Basin, that do not possess a legalized structure and generally have the actions carried through for the partners in set. Inside of the objectives of this Net, that they are to organize the sector of native forest seeds in the area of bioma of the Forest Estacional Semidecidual of So Paulo, some actions already had been implemented, as the accomplishment of ' ' I Seminary on implantation of orchards of species seeds nativas' ' in the end of the 2005 and creation of Groups of Studies, one on and Technician Marking Matrices another one on Orchards of Seeds (plantios of trees destined to the production of native forest seeds). As it has lack of natural areas for the harvest of seeds and also it has difficulty of the collection of seeds in natural environments, the implantation of the orchards of seeds if becomes very important. However, the implantation of these orchards is not so simple. Innumerable factors must be considered as the origin of the changes to be planted, the diversity of species, the genetic variability of each dumb one, the disposal of these changes in field and many other points. The important one of this process is that the Net is materialize action through its partners, between them: Flona de Ipanema? IBAMA, TO ECHO, Unesp, UFSCAR, Uniso, Forest foundation and Forest Institute, and the first ones resulted allow to foresee that, in the future, we will have offers of seeds of physiological and genetic quality, allowing that the projects of restoration of the forests of the region are carried through with high quality, thus minimizing the description of destruction of our forests.