Spanish Agriculture

If something you can influence the basic income is in the regulation of the international market in favor directly of the population of the third world. This will allow your self-development. At the same time it will speed up the internal market for developed countries. In the international markets the Spanish Agriculture is affected by the lack of profitability. 1. 999 agreements of the u. e. with Egypt allowed this country to sell 20.

000 tons of beans, 250. TN. potatoes, 1. 500 Tons of strawberries and 60. 000 TN. oranges, at very low prices compared to the possibilities of Spanish producers.

The lack of rigorous controls makes to increase the tonnage of these imports. What worse case. Why Spain cannot compete with such prices? because they are below the cost of production, since in Spain exceeds the value of the floor, the hand of work and the price of water. Agreements with the Maghreb cause much of the same with the horticulture sector. Spain is impaired more than Holland and France because the cycles of production of these countries is different to Morocco and Spain, whose production is sold at the same time. In Extremadura the quota of tomato concentrate was at 1. 999 a loss, therefore, of 2. 000 million pesetas. Alerto Gonzalez Escribano proposals for agricultural development is to establish a minimum wage for professionals in the field, rather than maintaining subsidies and aid to production coming out very expensive in the primary sector. It is calculated that such a measure is just half of money that pays the State to distribute aid to the sector. Furthermore happen that such a measure allows you to restrict subsidies to professionals and maintain a market approach to establish the profitability of the sector. It would expel thus a disturbing economic element, such as companies that buy land and speculate with them so that they have disproportionately expensive price of soil since 1993 in which has been imposed a system of premiums based on the criterion of the number of hectares.