Who I Am

I am I and my circumstances Here it is a phrase, brilliant, of the Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset. We are not accustomed with this type of thought. In more than the times, we accustom in them to think dicotomicamente, that is, parting, dichotomizing. Gasset, through the phrase at the beginning of this article, insinuates us that none I, I without relations am one, or, unprovided of relations. Any one of us, human beings beings, is a relationary being. It does not have ' ' eu' ' , separate of history, the culture, at last, of the surrounding environment. The phrase of Gasset takes us to reflect it on the contemporary craze to think, and, truily to believe that only the fact to trust something already is enough so that happens This meets spread in the culture. In such a way one becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible, to make with that the people understand and perceive the things in another way.

Books of auto cheap aid (mainly), innumerable times of you celebrate authors (the market of the auto aid is without shade of doubts one promising market), stimulates the one that if believes something, so that if it becomes possible to carry through it. In the reality, however, the things can be different It is not enough to believe, to trust, to invest in the positive thought, or, that name if gives to it. What this craze of success through the power of the thought has made is to tamponar the reality. Hindering the innumerable people who work on it, to transform it. What it interests some, therefore, obviously, the things accurately remain thus such which are But, without it is interesting, however, to the great majority.

These it interests, this yes, the transforming action. Conscientious action on the circumstantial reality to each one and until possibly to all we. I am I and my circumstances We are we and our circumstances If not to act on the circumstances, never we will obtain to effect changes, in fact, in our lives. we will go, perpetually, to only be teorizando, make a speeching on changes that in the practical one never happen. ' ' eu' ' he will be always a slave. We will be always enslaved Nothing more than one joguete (or joguetes), at the hands of strange, unknown forces, a time that ignored, ' ' propositalmente' ' , to if affirming the supremacy of the magical thought: I trust, I I believe, I I can, I I go We trust. We can We go Without the conditions are analyzed so that such occurs. What it is deplorable. truily a pity

Requirementes Planning

Inside of the EP the tools are many that assist in the good execution of a production, are innumerable the existing tools today, knowing some of them it is known of the existence of MRP (Material Requirementes Planning, or calculation of the necessities of materials) and MRP II (Manufacturing Resources Planning, or planning of the manufacture resources), these in turn function established in the logic of the calculation of necessities, its objectives, its advantages and disadvantages, Corra and Gianesi (1993). Also cited for them Corra & Gianesi (1993, p.122) the functioning of the same ones that? if it bases in a basic register that represent the position and the plans with respect the production and stockage of each item, either it a raw material item, semifinished or finished, throughout the time? . making one it analyzes and knowing geometry the relationship between both can be seen, therefore in the study of Geometry it has the linear system, where if colheta given (determined values) and to the sum in matrix form having the exactness of asked for results, in this way the MRP and the MRPII has much similarity with the system, therefore as in the linear system also it can be collected definitive data as of the stockage and thus transforming them into matrix and later it calculates them in the way that can be supplied the results. In accordance with Robles Jr (2003, p.73): However, the accompaniment of the attendance to the requirements of the Quality requires the creation of appreciable amount of Pointers of Quality. These pointers are sumarizados tables and for the spreading to the different operational and managemental levels. One knows that a production to be good has that to result in quality, and this quality it has some forms of being measured as already it was cited previously, and to be able to apply these measures as table creation is necessary a space knowledge, and also to know to collect these data thus to be able pociona them in the table and to obtain to make a good work, and is assists with it of the geometry that can be carried through the same, when becomes the deepened study of matrices.