Law Life

Knowing myself has been the most delicious experience that ever had. And the path with more resonance, all of which I have traveled toward myself, perhaps, is the one who taught me that I came to this life to live in full joy and freedom is the foundation of my life. There are things that cannot be explained, you have to experience them. Why, when I read for the first time that my emotions are my guidance system, did not seem strange, and also opened up an entirely new dimension with which see everything that was happening in my life. I learned that when you feel good, happy, excited, inspired, etc is because you haven’t joined your nature of welfare unconditionally.

All emotion opposite which I have just mentioned only indicate one thing: that you’ve removed your nature, opening a gap between who you really are and who do you think are in this physical experience. Let’s say: Thou art God, everything it can. When you accept it, you feel love, joy, harmony, peace; When you do not accept, are experiencing, uneasiness, fear, concern, etc. I also learned that the foundation of everything that manifests itself in my life lies in my desire. My most ardent desire beats inside me constantly as a result of the contrast that I lived and live on a daily basis. Of the counts shape I will discover what I don’t want and my creative nature take shape when you define what I want and more sooner or later, the manifesto.

This creative process is which allows me to write the book of my life, which allows me erect my palaces, which let me taste my deepest passions, assuring me that I can have it all, be everything and do everything. Once we give us the opportunity to experience travel this life with this skin, everything becomes for us and our life becomes so we wanted to be from the beginning: pure joy. Let you feel the woman that you are by nature. Experiencing the fullness of being: pure force creator.