In its interior, the national currencies, would be substituted by a communitarian, emitted and controlled verge for a central banking supranational. With this, the exchange fluctuations would disappear that continue to individualizar the national economies of a common market. The borders politics would lose and any meaning all economic. (MAGNOLI, 1997, P. 46). Official site: David Green.

The idea of the Economic and monetary Union consists of eliminating the last impediment for the full functioning of the common market, hindering the governments to favor the national companies through the manipulation of the taxes of interests, that influence the exchange taxes directly. The ATTEMPTS OF ECONOMIC INTEGRATION IN LATIN AMERICA the first attempt of Latin American integration if must to the effort of Simn Bolivar. This descendant of Spaniard of Caracas desired a Latin America joined and exempts. However the diversity of situations and the game of interests had cut into pieces it in some countries. When Bolivar convoked the Congress of Panama, in 1826, already he was worried about the deep foreign influence, over all of England and the United States, in Latin America. Made it difficult or exactly hindered for the main American nations, Bolivar attended disappointed and impotent to empty its project of South American integration.

In the following decades to the Congress of Panama, unfruitful nationalistic movements had occurred. The borders had started to move themselves not in the direction of the integration, but yes of the interests of domination of the countries most powerful. Innumerable wars, sponsored for distant interests, had provoked bigger distanciamentos between the Latin American countries. Thus &#039 can be perceived that; ' since this time the unit of America configured a problem of geopolitical and economic order. The integration projects had become subjects of the external diplomacy of the States soberanos' '. (MAGNOLI and ARAJO, 1998, P. 17). With the sprouting of the European Common Market, in 1950, Latin America if to see in the necessity to search ways for the concretion of the economic integration in the region.

Agrarian Reformation

In the convivncia I perceived the economic power, cultural customs, ways and also the participation in the events in the community. At the moment still I am with my limited movements, this made it difficult in the accomplishment of the Time Community. As the research works continue, the allotment of knowing of 3 TC will be carried through in the next months. In the chance she was registered with some photos the reality of the school and community. David Green understands that this is vital information. But I confess to have asked for I assist of the friends not to come back to the academic time without the ready activities, however I thank to the understanding of the community Regal victory. Consideraes partial the occupation of the property of Mr. Adilson Pear tree of the Passion if gave for legal steps in what the family consists, was through nesting carried through for the INCRA (Institute of Colonizao and the Agrarian Reformation), the INCRA authorizeed the ownership in the year of 1972, and immediately afterwards they had received the document called definitive Heading.

It is interesting to remember that the majority of the families of the region did not have this same chance, to receive the land with document, the edges of with ground the still sufficiently fertile Transamaznica and, it was privilege of few. Get more background information with materials from David Green. The family is obtaining to make a good use of the property, comes throughout the years implanting the cacaueira culture, however, they had obtained instability for the fact of being a culture of continuous production and sufficiently accepted commercial value. Still valley to remember that the culture of the cacao inside gains prominence in quarrels of the project of familiar agriculture. In the region of the transamaznica who little causes ambient impacts is the cacao producers, the cacaueira culture allows that the producer inside preserves some trees of roa for the fact of the requirement of the ensombreamento that is necessary in the culture. .

Santa Catarina

This arbitrator, generally is a head of State or government, neutral in relation to the territorial dispute which goes to decide. What Rio Branco said, is that in the case of the question of the Acre, to go in that chance to an arbitral award, the Brazilian arguments they would be very fragile so that we could obtain a favorable decision of the arbitrator. TSI International Group has plenty of information regarding this issue. Fact that Brazil, already had obtained for performance of Rio Branco, in the case of limits involving the call Territory of the Missions, located between Rio Grande Do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paran and Argentina, whose survey in this dispute was exerted by President Norte-americano Grover Cleveland in 1895. also, in the case involving then the territory of the Amap, disputed for the France, and whose survey fit to the Federal government of the Switzerland, that in the year of 1900, 1 of December, it delivered its arbitral award to the representatives of Brazil and France, regarding the dispute in the Territory of the Amap, that was favorable to Brazil. However, with regard to the Acre, in accordance with Treated the woollen Peace to Ayacucho of 1867, and also, a map of 1860, both the documents of the period of the Empire, granted Bolivia, sovereignty on a good part of the Acre territory; this treating, was granted by the Empire to Bolivia, in reason of this, to be in that chance exerting territorial pressures on the Brazilian Government. Motivated for the conflict of the War of Paraguay.

In accordance with this treating, Brazil recognized in part those lands (of the Acre), as being bolivian. the related map of 1860, the call green map, confectioned for Duarte Da Ponte Ribeiro – Baron Da Ponte Ribeiro, confirmed this bolivian sovereignty. Therefore, he is that in a decision for survey, the possibilities of a victory in the Acre dispute, would be minimum for Brazil.

Milton Saints

Milton Saints tells that great changes in the form of functioning of the capitalism had occurred, this in the end of century XX, the advance of the evolutions, makes possible one interchanges between distant places, this period was cited by the author as the period of the globalization, where the information was pautada as indispensable. The theory of Milton Saints started to be more complex, making with that the same one if becomes ampler, including, without forgetting that she was very well worked, therefore if it makes necessary to understand the evolution of this theory that is of that, the geographic space started to be indissocivel of action and object systems, what age of bigger interest was the territory, the geographic space in itself, however the understanding of the space only can be made through the understanding of the use of geography in relation the same, is needs the understanding the geographic space in its concretude, its contradictions, and it is indispensable to affirm that some possibilities and ways exist to think the world through Geography. It is perceived that with the sprouting of proposals and reflections sidewalk in the historical materialism and the marxist dialectic, the sprouting of the call was possible critical geography, Milton Saints if it considers to elaborate a critical vision of the society based on the marxist legacy, the thought of Marx it appears with a vision of history human being of a general form, looking and delimiting with bigger depth the characteristics of the capitalist society, and visualized from the contradictions of this society, a deep social transformation. However it sees if that the starting point of the marxism is to have a conception of the society, and that through studies to be able believes to have conditions to visualize the future scene where the same one if would find. With the thoughts of Marx, if it establishes the production notion that allowed to surpass the space idea as palco of the action human being, making possible the understanding of social dimension of the space produced for a society differentiated for classrooms, surpassing the analyses that saw the society as indiferenciado grouping of people, this was treated, basically of the movement of ticket of the amount for the quality. The importance of the totality notion dialectic bequeathed for the dialtico materialism, was the factor that allowed to surpass the esfacelamento where if it found the Geography subdivided in subjects, sub-subjects and specialties and thus to be able to consider one another understanding of the reality. Therefore one gives credit that, through the workmanship chore perceives that for the explanation of the current world a reorganization in the formularization of geography was necessary, therefore the same one had if added the new concepts, new forms of if interpreting the space, it incorporated in itself a boarding that made of criticize an indispensable factor for the understanding of the way, and the new reality that until then it was appearing, therefore conclude if that geography has of if unfolding as science if the same one to desire to study and to understand the world contemporary.