How do visitors come to the site? All of us (I'm talking about people involved in the creation and content of the site) after the publication of his next 'masterpiece' articles, notes, offer for sale, etc. forward and wants to see in their site more visitors. A commercial sites involved in the sale of various goods, await visitors as the air, because each visitor – a potential customer. The more clients, more sales, and means more profit. Arithmetic is very simple. And now let us remember: Where are the visitors? Correct the biggest influx comes from search engines! Hence it is necessary that your new web-page search engine as soon as possible and began to issue indexed in the query results to users. For example, your site is dedicated to aquarium fish. And in his new article, you describe what diseases are in Vualehvostov.

Then tell readers how you won this disease, while unobtrusively recommend readers miracle cure for this bolezni.Teper need speedy indexing of this page to have that page displayed when a query in the search. As is well known search engine spiders not very often spoil our sites with a visit. For example, the robot Yandex, making his round about once every two weeks. Imagine that your article about "diseases of fish" Yandex, grab a couple of weeks Ghastly But there are services on the Internet that are visited by robots on a daily basis. This is the so-called social networking sites. Over the past few years social networking has become very popular and continue to gain momentum.


The site – a salesman, not alive, but electronic. Why some vendors are selling a lot, while others are almost there? The difference between "selling" and "unsold" in the fact that a good salesman knows how to talk about a product, indicate enthusiasm for dignity of the goods, skillfully explain how product can solve the problems the buyer. And the "unsold" will get bored and impatient to wait, when you fall behind him. Of all the sections of the site is good card plays the role of the seller that either convince the buyer of the need to purchase, or cause it to click and leave the site. So what should be a good card to convince the buyer of the need to make a purchase. 1. Product Name and his article (number).

In some industries from different manufacturers may have different part numbers (numbers) for the same product. If possible, you must specify all the existing articles, then the buyer will know that it was buying exactly the product that he needs. Example: radiators for cars and tractors are manufactured by several factories. Each plant is assigned a unique number. The same heat sink for all Manufacturers have different drawing rooms.

Not all potential customers understand the intricacies of technical documents and simply can not know all the existing numbers need them to sink. 2. Photo of the goods in different angles. Quality of the photos should be good, but do not make them too big in size.


One of the first decisions of the organization was the adoption of dvb as a basis for all development of digital compression standard MPEG-2. The second important decision taken dvb Project, – use of a common MPEG-2 multiplex in all media distribution and maximum unification of methods of error-correcting coding and modulation. In all cases, a Reed-Solomon code with a single block size, and in those cases where it is needed, a convolutional code with a single set of relative velocities. Processing of digital MPEG-2 stream for use in satellite broadcast detail is specified in en 300 421, adopted by etsi in 1998 6. 6, 6. 7. The sequence of processing steps is shown in Fig.

6. 4. Come on modulator input transport packets 188 bytes in length contain, as we know, sinhrobayt 0 47 and 187 bytes of data. To resolve neopredelennos T phase is formed, the inner loop of the modulator, which includes 8 packages: one with inverted start sinhrogruppoy 0hV8, the rest – with a non-inverted. Transport Stream enters the scrambler, where it is the summation from the pseudo dosluchaynoy sequence (PRS). Structural diagram adopted in the standard DVB-S scrambler / descrambler is shown in Fig. 6. 5 and consists of a shift register 15 flip-flops and le "XOR", summing modulo-2 signals Dov cells 14 and 15 and feeding the resultant signal to the input of cell 1. Symbol synch cells produced a clock speed of transport packets, cyclic syn chronization – inverted starting sinhrogruppami by which triggers the shift register are set to the initial state 1001 0101 0000 0000.