Mystica – all questions are answered here at mystica – all questions to their own personality, way of life or also comprehensively the existing way of life be answered a great esoteric portal. When connecting, you can choose the method they want to will advise whether Cartomancy, clairvoyance, or fortune telling will get here they answers. It comes that man often requires a different perspective for your own situation, the way of life and the people who take part in it. When connecting, they get help to help themselves. Following methods of consultation we explain a little: the Tarot: the Tarot reader has a very old tradition.

You can measure the current situation very well with the Lenormand, character properties work out very well with the Tarot. Here they can look very deep into the soul of the people, and problems and solutions will be show, so they encouraged the consultation will go out. The clairvoyance: The clairvoyance can directly behind the scenes of the everyday look and actually give them advice. This is one of the most stressful consulting methods, it takes much concentration and must be deep in meditation, to put in places and in the future. But here they know what most moved them or charged and get help in a special way. The divination differs from the work of a prophet. Here, tools such as the Lenormand Tarot cards or Astrology are paired with a good intuition needed. That is, the cards are only symbols for the fortune teller, to invoke the images of his subconscious.

You make a connection between a timeless reality and the everyday world and can identify the problems and give advice. Here, you can find a comprehensive life help because all consulting methods can have influence and come to the application. Last but not least we must remember here the pendulum in the fortune-telling. Here you can find concrete answers a Yes or a no, urgent questions. Select how you want to be advised.