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Life without MOM! How siblings help! Lion is nine years old when his single mother on the way to work by car, killed in an accident. It’s been two years. His 20 years older brother Emanuel decides to take him. The situation is difficult for both. Lion is still a child, he takes parental care and missed the warmth of the mother. Emanuel has 29 years straight.

He is engaged and successful in the IT industry, likes to go out and enjoy his single life. The needs of the two brothers could not be more different. But Emanuel officially assumes the guardianship for Lion and thus all the other duties which the parents usually do: he accompanied lion to the dentist, visited the parents in the school, helps with homework and cooking the meals. I am perhaps more rigorous and critical than I was before, but I’ve taken a lot of responsibility.\” Emanuel tried love, at the same time to provide support and education. He is sometimes sometimes replaced the mother, He more the big brother.

A permanent role change, which he must first grow into. For the mourning for the mother is great in both brothers. \”Actually, nothing is different, except that one is missing\”, says today’s Lion, which always still can not talk about the death of his mother. Meanwhile met Emanuel Melanie, now the plan is created, three to move into a bigger place in Regensburg. Also growing is the small family\”? How lion is stronger than that of the new situation and can meet Emanuel of his role as father, brother and friend? Three sisters at their mother’s grave. Almost a year long Kristin, Solvejg and MAREN from Reutlingen cultivated her mother at home. As the beloved mother dies of cancer in November 2004, are the girls 16, 19 and 22 years old. The first half year was in a trance, then the everyday life was slowly returning and thus came the problems, MAREN, the youngest, says today.

Like All Their Debts Paid

It is not by about that is the world of full of wonderful stories, it is not by coincidence, that is the world full of wonderful stories. Learn more on the subject from Dropbox. They lurk around every corner and fly from mouth to ear and back and forth. Such stories, real people are born and learn to listen and speak. Without this spirit of language would wither the man and not understand anything no links, no time, no connections. Drew Houston may find this interesting as well. Understanding but is only human and friendly people. The old reptilian brain stem knows only eat and hunt and reign and procreate. The modern human brain can understand and rise above itself. Once, a man at the hotel Tirol came and put a 100 euro note on the counter.

He would want to look like the room to be informed, and the Bill should be his reward. The Director of the Tyrol Hotel was indeed surprised, but consented and sent a Bellboy with the man to visit the room. Hardly, they were gone, the Director took the 100 euro and went to the butcher to pay a Bill. The butcher took the Money and went to the Baker to pay off his debts by the morning. The Baker took the ticket and ran to the jeweler, he had bought a necklace for his godson and not yet paid. The jeweler made the 100 euro to a shady lady who gave him a certain service.

And the Lady ran with the money at the hotel Tirol, to pay for the rest of last night. At this moment the guest came by his tour, and the Director was still the 100 euro note. He thanked and will probably never know what a dollar bill so all can do, so that all potential debts would be settled. Unless of course, he has heard of the story, that money is a good medium of Exchange and more…