Aspect With Top Marks For Customer Satisfaction

Aspect with top marks for customer satisfaction in the contact center workforce management report from DMG Consulting Dreieich / Frankfurt, Chelmsford, mass. “(United States), in March 2012 – aspect, provider of solutions for the customer contact and for Microsoft platforms, receives top marks in the 2011-2012 contact center workforce management market report”. The market report of DMG Consulting analyzes eight providers of workforce planning. Customer satisfaction with aspect as a provider is the highest in five of nine categories and divided in three other categories, including overall satisfaction, the highest rating aspect. In the 14 categories of product satisfaction aspect seven receives highest rating and six times aspect shares first place. The independent customer satisfaction survey from DMG Consulting surveyed customers to their satisfaction with providers and their products as well as service, support, professional services, training, and pricing. The DMG report makes it clear that aspect innovative, flexible and reliable Solutions for workforce planning in the market brings,”says Serge Hyppolite, Vice President of product management, aspect. This report, which is based on very detailed information, clearly shows that we allocate the functionality and performance of our customers, addressing the key challenges facing their contact center in your day-to-day business.” The functions of the personnel planning aspect help customer-oriented company, to offer a customer experience of the new generation.

The software solutions using platforms for enterprise communications and collaboration. Workforce planning is an integral part of the aspect suite for workforce optimisation, which allows the control of all contacts and relevant insights into customer interactions. Aspect flexible forecasts, shift planning and tracking tools enable companies to optimize the allocation and productivity of staff resources in the front and back office for inbound, outbound and blended contacts. Functions for Workforce planning offers aspect in its applications for customer contact productive workforce, optimized collections and blended interaction. They help companies to track operational objectives by means of specific software functions. Workforce planning is a critical and often very complex function for contact centers. It is a challenge to get it right and the satisfaction of our customers shows that aspect takes seriously its obligation”, so Donna River, President of DMG Consulting.

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