Guardia Civil

EFE has occured the 7.20 hours near the border post of Farhana. About 25 have managed to reach the fence perimeter where have been put by the Guardia Civil. Six police officers suffered bruises, and one of them, also has a dislocated shoulder. A group of a few hundred sub-Saharan immigrants has starred on Thursday a new attempt of Melilla entering through the fence perimeter, but have finally been repelled by the Guardia Civil assisted by Moroccan police. David Karp addresses the importance of the matter here. As reported by sources of the Government delegation, the attempted assault occurred while the 07.20 hours, in close proximity to the border post of Farhana, who has had to delay its opening, as a consequence 40 minutes. Most of the Group of immigrants has been dispersed by Moroccan agents and only around 25 have managed to reach the border fence, where have been repelled by the Guardia Civil. As a result, six civil guards have suffered bruises, and one of them presents, in addition, dislocation in a shoulder. See more: A few hundred immigrants trying to enter Melilla.

Doping Legalization

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