The King Of The Jungle

One day the old lion awoke and found as he woke he did not recall having felt so well in his life. The lion felt so alive, so healthy and strong that he thought there would be nothing in the world that he might win. With this sentimento of greatness, he walked into the jungle, where he met a snake that stopped to ask .- Tell me, snake, Who is the king of the jungle? asked the lion .- You, of course, replied the snake, the lion away at full speed. The next animal was found was a crocodile, who was sleeping near a pond. – The lion came over and asked, Crocodile, tell me who is the king of the jungle? – Why do you ask? The crocodile told him, if you know you're the king of the jungle. This continued throughout the morning, he asked every animal as he answered that the king of the jungle was great and strong lion. But lo and suddenly there she went to an elephant step .- Dime elephant, the lion asked him arrogant Do you know who is the king of the jungle? – In answer, the elephant curled the lion with his trunk as if it were lifting a ball, threw it on the air and restated until he dropped to the ground putting the lion bruised and sore leg overwhelming. – Okay, enough, I understand, he managed to mumble the wretched lion. No need to get mad much, because you do not know the answer.

Doping Legalization

You cross the threshold of the door humming a song of fashion. With one of these gestures chulescos and unconcerned that necessarily dressed in an American movie and now repeat, you toss the keys on the classroom table ashtray. Felicitas you by your good aim while you there pass against the hallway mirror. You gathers frown while you aguzas the pupils to be sure the time that marks the wall clock. De puta madre.

Dragging the feet as a dying man walking toward the light, you plants in the kitchen. Once there, you rub your chin, upright, hieratic as one of these Egyptian figures, simulating thinking what you think. You deeply regret for having paid to easy cooking programmes the same care that cows in the field dispense you the passage of trains. No. Tea auto convince of the movement is shown walking and hunger cooking prop with resignation of altar boy still has not begun to believe you Adria when you stain your look in the sink. One of these stunning kitchen axes kisses cold steel laundry. You walk moderately, as if you do not want to awaken to what clearly just recently finish a butcher shop. All of it is soaked in blood.

While you swallow saliva, heist you the mind with evil of trasgo news of the newspaper’s makes three days or four? that it warned the population of the escape of the Chupacabras, macabre nickname with which the lemon press named one of the most persecuted murderers of our small country.