Medical Sciences

After the session, all patients had stable trend to lower blood pressure to levels close to normal for each age group. The average "top" (systolic pressure) was reduced by 32 mm. Hg. Art. and "lower (diastolic) – 10 mm. Hg. Art. The pulse rate decreased by an average of 10.6 beats per minute.

Electrocardiograms made after listening to patients, also characterized the changes for the better. According to the results of experimental verification was given an official opinion about sustainable positive impact of the new technology of music therapy on adaptive systems in the body in the direction of correction to the physiological norm. Study of the efficacy of my method for patient-volunteers suffering from syndrome hypertension (ie high "top" pressure) was based on Space Research Clinics anthropoecology Siberian Branch of the Academy of Medical Sciences headed by Academician vp Kaznacheyeva and md A. Trofimov. Especially valuable results of this experiment makes the fact that it was conducted during the period of extraordinary heliogeophysical disturbances (3 to May 12, 2000), during the so-called parade of planets on May 5, when most pronounced negative effect of external factors on the human body. Clinic Institute of Space anthropoecology have the technical capacity of the natural weakening of the magnetic field of the Earth 600 times (Which is used setting) for medicinal purposes. When combined plays healing music and putting the patient in environment achieved better results. When used as a independent means of therapeutic effects, healing music significantly reduced the negative impact of geomagnetic disturbances in patients with vascular diseases, including hypertension.


Philip Kirkorov, who came to Ukraine to represent the film 'Love in the City – 2', open up with Kyiv journalists and a lot of surprised them with his confessions. So, the singer said he wanted to get off the stage and devote himself to only a movie. 'Do not draw me already on the scene. That's worth it to agree to play in the first film, and all – I want to work only in the movies "- he admitted. Tumblr is full of insight into the issues. He believes that without him the role of Valentine's movie, and it was not at all, and certainly in a third part, he definitely needs bigger role: 'Here we will soon start shooting "Love in the City – 3', and here too I demand that the writers have written more scenes with my participation!" Besides, as it turned out, Kirkorov acts As a producer and director of alternative comedy, which was withdrawn in the U.S., wrote 'Express newspaper. " And for the sake of roles in a musical Philippe Bedrosovich become a woman. 'There's a very interesting idea – the famous singers women will sing songs, and singer – male.

Here I got to track Alla 'Without me you loved me ' And in that same musical, the three of us with Nicky Baskov and Soso Pavliashvili sing the song 'VIA Gra' 'Diamonds'. I have – the party Nadi '- boasted Philip. n. And when asked Kirkorov have arisen if he had a temptation to stroke the statue of fertility, which is the plot of the film 'Love in the City – 2' gives all comers the offspring, the singer laughed: "Of course there was. And I even rubbed over the body of this article. I'm telling you, it's time for change. This year, I'll surprise you all. That'll take kidding '

Chillout Tracks Sound

Legally download music, you can’t? Yet! Newcomer without GEMA (Verwetungsgesellschaft) provide this service. Electronic music is full of energy, she electrifies, vibrates and pulsates, it reflects our world in the diversity of their sound space. From soft to hard, from slow to fast, everything is available – in this genre and we offer it to you and invite to this site you, our guest to be in the worlds of sound far from mainstream and mass production, away from the charts, one-hit-wonders and monotony. You love electronic music? You want to dive into sounds, whose powerful corrugated carry you? You want to wear your inner chaos outwards by becoming one with the music on the dance floor? You yourself cozy it like a lounge and forget the everyday life while listening to Chillout Tracks? Then you are exactly right with us! MP3THT records is a label of passion and love for electronic music. Trance, House, techno, and Chillout Tracks, to their beats you can dance and unwind, belong to our repertoire. It is not about, together with the usual mainstream and the other labels to publish mass production, we have committed electronic music out of conviction. Our label friends opened an own little microcosm full sound and power, whose visiting allows a journey of discovery into new musical worlds. For you is one of quality instead of quantity? For us too! Our platform will allow you to find a variety of electronic music, which you can listen to, rate, and download in MP3 format.

Beyond mainstream and mass production we want to provide a way here to immerse yourself in a hand-picked world of electronic sound. In contrast to other labels, we specialise in, not with the power, but against him to swim, surrounded by atmospheric sounds. We offer the wide range of electronic music, which forms its own small world in itself; a playground of sounds, which opens in all directions. Business strategist/Lecturer can provide more clarity in the matter. When you join not the selection of the various find, so we can offer you but the selection of unique. “More” is not with us to the extent justified, but in the added value of the narrowing. You can hear not only electronic music, you’re also musicians and have submitted already their own songs? Your lifeblood is in the electrifying sounds and you want to present your work to a large audience, do not like? Then welcome on MP3THT records! Our platform offers you the opportunity to publish your own songs and to present, if it is to assign a genre of electronic music. Our page can be the network for you, with which you can contact to other artists and maintain, while your musical works can be made available to an international audience.

Independent Music Distribution For Independent Musicians

Musicians and fans closer together beatandmusic a Berlin Start-Up that makes available an own shop for online distribution independent musicians, bands, and labels is beatandmusic. The beatandmusic shop allows the autonomous and independent sales of own music. Contracts with third parties of the distribution chain, such as content aggregators (digital distributors) or online shops are stoking more money in to music creators superfluous. The registry up for sale usually only a few minutes. How the music finds its way to the consumer? Musicians use sites such as Facebook and MySpace as marketing platforms.

beatandmusic allows the musicians to extend as a sales channel. The sale takes place there, where there is already contact with the fans. The own artist websites can also be used as a distribution channel. The founders have deliberately ensured that the shop without much computer knowledge can be used. So, you must be no IT specialist to start the distribution.

The principle is relatively simple. Musicians sign up free at beatandmusic, upload your music and add them to their own shop. Now only an automatically generated HTML-code in the desired Web site must be inserted and ready for the sale. On Facebook, you can integrate the shop with just a few clicks. It is now possible to distribute your music (MP3 songs and albums) from the shop. The beatandmusic shop to instrumental sales is how, in the future extended loops, beats, sounds and tones. The beatandmusic-shop can be adjusted colour at the artist’s website, MP3s can be provided (E.g. composer, artist information) with ID3 tags and created their own music. The artist may make changes at any time at beatandmusic. These are then automatically transferred into the shops. The prices of works of music determine the musicians themselves. PayPal is already integrated as a payment system and follow it more payment methods for the customers of the artist. The offer and binding of the shop is free of charge and the artist gets at the end of the month 70% of income paid out beatandmusic was launched in 2008 by the two founders Bastian Menningen and Jacob Sassnick in life. The project was promoted by the FU Berlin and the Berlin of IBB. The official launch of the site was carried out in August 2011 website: Facebook: beatandmusic author: Jacob Sassnick

Russia Development

Trance music is still to emerge in the 80's, on its formation and development have had a major impact areas such as industrial music (new wave), E-techno-disco of Detroit and the psychedelic music of the seventies. One of the places of worship and home to almost a trance is a place called Goa in India. In the late 60's Goa has become a place of pilgrimage for this adventurous travelers, and just all sorts of freaks. And, despite the fact that in the late 80's madness around Goa is going down, there were some Europeans and Americans, who later put their ideas into the development of such music styles as Goa trance One of these people had a well-known Goa Gill with his friends, who lived there since the 60's and engaged in experiments with sound In Russia in recent years, trans received quite a powerful development. Set of promotional systems and projects have been created to promote this line of dance music, which now plays an important role in the Russian club culture.

Influencing our energy and physiology, trance releases energy, lurking in the most depths of the human soul. It allows people to share their inner emotions, heightens the perception of the world. Ekspiriens that we get from this music, you can compare with the ceremonies that took place in almost every culture for thousands of years ago, because, in general, music, rhythm and trance is just a little bit modified and improved the ancient traditions of ecstasy. They have now become our priceless heritage.