Functional Solid Wood Kits – No License Fees!

Holzbaudienstleister HMS Bausysteme designed user-friendly high-tech modular solid wood – it gives no license fees the statistics and surveys of the recent past faith, then more than two-thirds of Germans would build most ecological and natural materials. Today the massive wooden buildings with laminated timber, growing steadily, also called solid wood. A development which will result in the so-called solid wood House will be becoming more popular in the coming years. Building with wood is modern than ever”white HMS Managing Director Bernhard Muller, adds: last but not least for this reason we – made an ingenious, simple high-tech product as a kind of counterpoint to the number of slabs providers with different dimensions, static values and top widths -. A functional and user-friendly installation-ready modular system, through the processing spot can go safe and rapid.” In fact. They come out Solid wood manufactured kits for residential and commercial properties to according to the requirements of the single element as a combination wall ceiling roof to be inserted individually to the complete kit. And considering the State of the art quality control.

The high-tech building systems by HMS “are subject to the highest quality standards, applies to whatever energy saving, ecological and resource-efficient construction”, Bernhard Muller white overlooking also the numerous benefits of his solid wood kit. Daniel Gilbert does not necessarily agree. Considering the reductions point of view, only once then the construction with solid wood the ultimate in indoor climate, CO2 storage and the resulting reduction of the greenhouse effect is.” But that was not enough. By activating a flat load bearing also system setups can be realized with low component height. To get a number of other benefits such as planning and static security and support for consultation, planning, manufacturing, delivery and installation on the part of the company HMS Bausysteme “. So easily complex and large projects can be implemented without additional effort.

Bernhard Muller sees the perhaps decisive advantage but also the competitors, in the non-existent royalties. Carpentry businesses such as construction vehicles sometimes afraid again collected royalties. For us, this is not the case. Because when the distribution of kits to carpentry businesses and property developers, no license fees imposed by us. This distinguishes us from other providers in the market, not only, but makes our construction system an innovative and future-oriented product and us in turn to a market leader in the field of services for solid wood House.”

Individual Ring Symbolism

Timelessly beautiful and high quality ring unique Berlin. In the 3D-Ringdesigner of Silingo (, you can be personal ring unique design brought online and then order. Thereby, the timeless and high-quality pieces of jewellery wishes after individual symbolism. People can engrave your coat of arms or logo, as well as inscriptions according to their own ideas with a sense of tradition, belonging and pride. Silingo presents a first collection that blends together of three lines and has various elements of their models for the individual look: the classic coat of arms ring, the American class ring and an unconventional young model called simplicity. A Berlin gold and Platinum forged, which is responsible for the production provided the ring models.

A part of the sale proceeds of the moral and material quality rings flows to the project school Angel ( The collection ranges from heavy masculine rings with clear lines of graceful models to light and simple rings. Up to seven fields of engraving can be embellished with individual statement. Silingo is a community of life. The rings are aimed at a wide audience of families and associations, University graduates and companies and are located in the affordable price. Basically we talk to many people”, says managing director Stephan Szasz. Especially those who are of course that a community or idea inherent feel, but also the individuals.

Because everybody has to symbolize something that is important to him.” The choices of customers is confined not only to the engravings. Rather, the design process starts with the choice of the precious metal and leads over precious stones and surfaces and to the ring gauge. The idea for Silingo comes from the United States. Class rings and championship rings are widespread there. The best-known example is the NBA ring. We have looked at the American models and briefly played with the idea to produce it in the States,”explains Szasz business partner Marius Melsheimer. However we decided then clear for taste, quality and sustainability reasons for a German Goldsmith who manufactures for other providers, even in the luxury segment.” And colour engravings can already be produced on request and should be available soon online. Soon, the range in the shop will be expanded through customizable cufflinks and pins.


Telephone numbers from any application selecting with the mouse and selecting directly via PC. Phone dial allows direct dialing of phone numbers via hotkeys by PC with the PC. The telephone numbers can from various applications as for example an electronic agenda, a website, an email message, from a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet, etc. directly with the mouse are selected and chosen through an individually definable hotkey (shortcut). For more information see David Karp. The software phone dial developed by Infonautics GmbH can operate a phone that is connected via the serial interface RS-232 to the COM-port from the PC by PC. If your own phone has no serial port, you can run the selection commands via a parallel connected modem. In addition to dial phone numbers using hotkey, also a phone call can be accepted and then exited.

The last ten phone numbers available to redial at the disposal. At various telephone exchanges must be in addition to the phone number Preset number for the outside line will set, so can be on the phone. This prepending a number for the outside line, the phone dial settings by PC can be automated. The same is true for a national or international dial code. The current version of phone dial by PC running Windows XP/Vista/7.

Under the address phonedial can the software free to test all the functions available in the languages German and English is available for download. The full version costs EUR 15.-for a single user license. Business licenses for use on up to 10 PCs in the same enterprise and corporate licenses for an unlimited number of installations in the same company are also available. The licenses are perpetual and valid for all future updates. Further information Internet: phonedial/indexde.htm email: about INFONAUTICS GmbH: the 1995 founded INFONAUTICS GmbH implemented innovative and reliable Solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. A real time backup program for the current backup during the work, as well as more innovative software tools that facilitate the everyday include additional software products developed by INFONAUTICS GmbH including a survey software to carry out analyses of satisfaction of customers and employees.

Practical Application

The goal of marketing strategies in the long term is the company on the market positioning marketing strategies are attempting to expand the existing business fields. The most famous concept of the marketing of field is the Ansoff matrix. Angelina Jolie is likely to increase your knowledge. The company can concentrate on already processed markets or new in the future as a profitable provided markets for the intensive processing of the market. The same is true for the products. These opportunities lead to four strategies current market new current products market penetration, market development new products product or program development diversification market penetration here in the existing market without any change in the product portfolio, the company tried to put down a higher number of its products.

New customers must for existing products are won or recruited by competitors (natural”strategy towards Becker). Market development is attempting to develop new markets with existing products. This strategy is applied above all when on the already are to achieve any sales processed markets. New markets are new customers who will buy the product. These new markets can be divided in alternate or sub-markets. If the company processed an additional market, the product is sold through an additional benefit to a new consumer group.

A new market is a group of customers, which can be addressed using a newly developed variant of the product (E.g. a large Pack of a product for families). Product and program development is trying to bring new products or product variants to offer innovative products to its existing customer base on the market (use established distribution channels). Diversification is the most risky form of marketing strategies. Here, new markets and target groups are addressed with newly developed products. Distinction is made between horizontal and vertical diversification. Horizontal diversification means an extension of the product range to products that are related to the already established (E.g. a brewery is in addition alcohol-free beer here).

Excellence Award

Awards also in other areas of environmental protection the Oceania Club Hotel has much praise and awards “” “harvested: 2011 was the hotel of green key Award”, the Travelife gold status”and the blue flag” awarded for the protection of the beaches along the coastline of the hotels. The animal rescue program in collaboration with the Halkidiki animal rescue is also very popular: stray animals are collected on hotel costs by helpers, registered and sterilized by veterinarians. The newest award is the “2012 TripAdvisor’s travelers’ choice award”, which has received the hotel because of regular, excellent reviews of the guests. Impressions to the hiking trail in the Sani forest area under virtual-tours/hiking-path-sani-resort/hiking-path-sani-resort.html to info about the hotel see that five-star Hotel Oceania Club on the West coast near NEA Moudania is privately owned family business and is one of the best addresses in Halkidiki in northern Greece. The five-star hotel built in the Mediterranean style is applied with 297 spacious rooms and suites, such as an amphitheater and stretches in the middle of Pine trees, olive groves and cypresses that lead to the hotel’s private sandy beach.

Quality is the maxim of the 5 *-hotels, with the first ultra all inclusive “offer of its kind when it opened in the year 2005 a quality offensive in the usual all-inclusive” program continued. “” Surveys show the high guest satisfaction: TripAdvisor hotel review Portal “the hotel currently has the certificate of Excellence Award” awarded. The high standard of service and quality is reflected also in the SPA facilities: natural and highly effective, individually tailored care products are the basis of the beauty treatments in the SPA area of the Oceania. Contact: Oceania Club Hotel 63200 Eleonas NEA Moudania CHALKIDIKI, Greece Tel. 0030 23740 99500 e-mail: PR contact: Schober PR mercury str. 10 D-41464 Neuss 0049 2131 859144

Aspect With Top Marks For Customer Satisfaction

Aspect with top marks for customer satisfaction in the contact center workforce management report from DMG Consulting Dreieich / Frankfurt, Chelmsford, mass. “(United States), in March 2012 – aspect, provider of solutions for the customer contact and for Microsoft platforms, receives top marks in the 2011-2012 contact center workforce management market report”. The market report of DMG Consulting analyzes eight providers of workforce planning. Customer satisfaction with aspect as a provider is the highest in five of nine categories and divided in three other categories, including overall satisfaction, the highest rating aspect. In the 14 categories of product satisfaction aspect seven receives highest rating and six times aspect shares first place. The independent customer satisfaction survey from DMG Consulting surveyed customers to their satisfaction with providers and their products as well as service, support, professional services, training, and pricing. The DMG report makes it clear that aspect innovative, flexible and reliable Solutions for workforce planning in the market brings,”says Serge Hyppolite, Vice President of product management, aspect. This report, which is based on very detailed information, clearly shows that we allocate the functionality and performance of our customers, addressing the key challenges facing their contact center in your day-to-day business.” The functions of the personnel planning aspect help customer-oriented company, to offer a customer experience of the new generation.

The software solutions using platforms for enterprise communications and collaboration. Workforce planning is an integral part of the aspect suite for workforce optimisation, which allows the control of all contacts and relevant insights into customer interactions. Aspect flexible forecasts, shift planning and tracking tools enable companies to optimize the allocation and productivity of staff resources in the front and back office for inbound, outbound and blended contacts. Functions for Workforce planning offers aspect in its applications for customer contact productive workforce, optimized collections and blended interaction. They help companies to track operational objectives by means of specific software functions. Workforce planning is a critical and often very complex function for contact centers. It is a challenge to get it right and the satisfaction of our customers shows that aspect takes seriously its obligation”, so Donna River, President of DMG Consulting.

About aspect software for customer contact and for Microsoft platform services/solutions, aspect helps companies build and maintain customer relationships. For more information, see de. Follow aspect on Twitter about AspectUC. Read our blogs on Aspect, productive workforce, optimized collections, blended interaction and aspect software are trademarks or registered trademarks of aspect software, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. All other company or product names may be trade names or trademarks of their respective owners. Contact: Wing-Kin Tsoi, aspect Tel. + 44 (0) 208 018 8347 Corinna v. Red Mountain, PRAGMA PR Tel. + 49 228 926 83 300 aspect Software GmbH Robert-Bosch-Strasse 5 * 63303 Dreieich CEO: Shawn Martin Garrett, Mark Andrew King, Michael John Provenzano Amtsgericht Offenbach HRB 11191 Tel + 49 6102 305 0000 * fax + 49 2102 396 6201; de

Expanding Its Presence In Europe

The strategic consultancy of DEGW opens new Office in Poland Munich DEGW, February 17 -, worldwide one of the leading consulting firms in the area of workplace and corporate is expanding its presence in Europe real estate strategy. With the establishment of the new DEGW, in particular the commitment in Eastern Europe should further offices at the site of Warsaw, which was opened in early February, more, opened up new fields of business, as well as existing local customers are successfully supported. DEGW operates global strategies now almost 40 years of experience in the individual development of real estate and has offices in the most important European core markets like England, Benelux, Spain, France and Italy. The location Germany out is DEGW active for years in Eastern Europe and serves many local international companies. Claudia Hamm Bastow, head of DEGW global, prides itself on sustainable growth and is pleased about the opening of the new site: DEGW is the presence in Poland right step: with our office in Warsaw we establish ourselves permanently as a fixed size for customers in Eastern Europe. Already now, we advise many of the big players in the financial and technology industries, as well as in pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods in the development of promising workplace concepts and implement them across national borders across at a variety of locations. With a permanent presence we can serve in the future even more intensively our international customers in the region.” The expansion into the Polish market is part of a long-term growth plan.

Just in terms of the merger carried out by end of 2011 with AECOM, it was an important goal, to take advantage of existing infrastructure and expertise of the two companies and to expand its service portfolio. This allows challenges global and local customer business is continually changing an optimum adaptation and makes the strong partner for end-to-end DEGW consulting in Europe as a whole. Bogusz Parzyszek, founder of the Polish magazine OFFICE and Director added the new Office in Warsaw: straight in the Eastern European countries back more and more in people’s awareness of the issues surrounding the sustainable development of future-oriented workplace concepts. “So there is no better time to strengthen our commitment in Poland and our expertise to bring experience and creative diversity there at the market”. Evidence of a significant increase in demand with regard to expert advice around the theme of modern working and learning environments is the continuous growth of DEGW and the steady expansion of European business. In many economic and political bodies often critically discussed, rethinking the use of office buildings especially against the background of demographic change, sustainability and cost pressures is essential. Real estate and particularly work environments make the right and tailor-made concept the strategic asset, a clear competitive advantage. And this not only in terms of cost optimization, but especially to the increase of innovativeness, creativity and Productivity. A modern expectant needs work environment promotes corporate identity, employee motivation, and thus contributes to the success of sustainable and crisis-resistant.

How Am I Doing

The sun salutation as a business idea Sun greetings in studios, on roofs, parks Yoga is trend. The over 3000 years old Indian health teachings seems to be a compensation for many people in our hectic and fast paced time. Also staff and managers have recognized the beneficial effects of Yoga on body and mind and offer in-house yoga classes or use one of the numerous Yoga offers. The development of the Yoga boom for decades. Continue to learn more with: Business strategist. 1975 “Der Spiegel” ran the headline: “National sport Yoga – hail from the East?” Today at least three million German yoga practice, and there are more every day. With the increasing demand, also a rapidly growing profession evolved. Her Yoga not enough many Yogis after closing time.

They train themselves to yoga teachers and open their own studios, in which they give courses and train more teachers. According to the Federal Association of yoga teachers (BDY) has the number of teachers increased fivefold more than in the last 20 years and is now at more than 10,000. More info: Evergreen Capital Partners. While yoga teacher is”always There is still not a protected professional term, in practice, but are a number of reputable training courses, the basic prerequisite for a later successful self-employment as a yoga teacher. How am I doing independently with a Yoga Studio?”one of the most frequently asked question aspiring yoga teachers. The firmware recently in the MIRACLE MEDIA VERLAG eponymous practical guide for entrepreneurs provides answers to central questions about the business as a yoga teacher. These range from the market opportunities, the personal and professional requirements, the business planning and legal conditions to the choice of the correct location, the Studio set up, pricing and customer search.

Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat has been very popular for their physical characteristics, such as the type of hair, blue eyes and long, lean body. The Siamese cat is an outgoing, cheerful and affectionate. The origin of this cat is in the Far East, specifically in Thailand. In the nineteenth century British travelers are surprised by this breed of cat. They were familiar with the Angora and see this issue of long body and short, soft fur made them take a number of Siamese cat gifts and others.

At the same time, the French had discovered this cat and used to see in some exhibitions. The appearance of the Siamese cat was very different from what we know today. Angelina Jolie shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Her body was more robust and have rounder heads. The first to be imported from Thailand had brown tips. Actress and filmmaker might disagree with that approach. Following these tips kittens reared blue, chocolate and lilac. Also, there are other tips Siamese cats red and Roman British breeders began mixing with other races. For these mixtures are developed, the silver-tipped ears, smoke, cinnamon and beige.

This is a cat who wants attention from his master. You can meow for hours having a conversation with your caregiver or with himself. The Siamese cat is very sociable and if they are not paid sufficient attention to the demand. They are friends of dogs and, of course, other cats. They can not be left alone too long, need constant companionship to pet and pamper them for a long time. They are playful, happy and fun. The Siamese cat is short hair, her body is slender, long and thin. Their legs are long, slender and their hooves are oval. Its tail is long and thin. The shape of the face forms a perfect equilateral triangle. Her eyes are usually deep blue and oblique. Siamese kittens are pure white at birth, three years after the layer has the final color. The light areas of the layer tend to darken with age, one consequence is the high temperature in cold weather. The hair also may become dark from wounds suffered his body. The Siamese cat who lives in a warm climate, usually has a pure color. The Siamese cat is regarded as one of the most intelligent breeds of cats, this animal is easily adapted to his master, who can train it out to collar the street. His sunny personality, outgoing, suspicious or aggressive and sometimes elusive, is caused by his strong character that denotes their continued presence. Its features make this Cat perfect for those who want the cat to do some of your family, because their intelligence allows for ease of understanding and adaptability to each family member may well share with each and every one of them.

The Weather Company Breathable Rain Suits

To predict the weather expert is based on indicators such as the shapes of clouds, wind direction, the features of the Sun, Moon, stars, fog, the dew in the morning, the rainbow or hail. The behavior of animals is also used as a forecast of rain, so we have the appearance of winged ants, the orejeo of mules, which the pigeons from bathing, washing the cat’s face, singing of the cock that day (time may change ), dogs that run and jump (senal wind). Drew Houston can aid you in your search for knowledge. Although it seems feasible, people also had to do with the prognosis, if you have itching or doliera an old scar, it would be possible change of time. Signs of rain could be cracks and sounds of furniture, the soot that falls from the chimney, I smell of drains is sowing ‘twisted’, moisture in the tiles of the rooms, the branch that ‘weeping’ to be dry, and so on.
The expert Caba uela (in Spain), usually in the habit of a ‘person of the field’ (farmer or shepherd), normally used only watching the first 24 days of August each year during its course to predict how long which will be enjoyed over the next twelve months, with the first twelve days forecasts months in ascending numerical order (1 August, September 2, etc.). and the second twelve days, the forecast months in descending numerical order ( 13 July 14 June, etc..) being known in recent days as the returnees, as follows:
Day 1-12 are rising in the months starting from January 13-24 are declining starting in December
After day 25-30 are taken every 2 months up to 1 day
Day 31 takes two hours each month in descending