David Allen

If you live logging information that means that you live under much stress, because your mind is not resting. A mind that registers and takes actions is not productive, but cumulative. David Karp oftentimes addresses this issue. Memory is like a computer’s memory later or sooner will overload. David Allen shows this fact in his book Getting thing done. While you do not you get all that information in your memory and put it in a system of reliable action, going to live under stress and will not be productive.

Notes you must be a system of reliable action and not a system of accumulation of information that what is commonly makes the majority of the people. Most people accumulate information in their electronic machines, tray of e-mails, agendas, etc. These devices are good. th analysis. The bad in the system we use these tools. Use them to accumulate information and not a system of reliable action. The mind is smart and will know that you’re accumulating information and not taking action therefore mind will not let go the head information, while this happens you’ll be under stress and you will not be productive. KEY II tools to produce better every day coming to market new sophisticated equipment which I am sure you know some.

‘Ll here show you some of them that you can also use: RSSEsta new technology lets you in one place review all updates of the websites to which you go for information. You can also use it to receive only the news of your interest using the Google RSS news and making a selection of the type of topics that you would like to receive in your RSS reader. A DigitalSi recorder are one of those who constantly attend meetings, seminars, workshops and have to transmit information or study it. This apparatus represent your best friend can now record all the information in format MP3. You do not trust memory, according to studies the human brain alone can provide 100% of your attention about an hour and then starts to decrease. It will also help you free yourself from taking notes all the time. If you are a Manager with much responsibility this represents a good test tool that you correctly transmit the information to your subordinates. Also if you are of those who wish to save stationery you can transmit the meeting recorded in MP3 via the internal network of the company. An IPOD or MP3 Portatiluna of the things most valuable is time. For example I usually buy workshops and self-help programs constantly in MP3 formats. I take all the time available to nourish me new information. In waiting when the traffic of trucks is very dense, in rows of waiting in the supermarket, clinics, public services, business travel, etc. I also use it to listen to good music. The music is a science that is missing many secrets to explore. I recommend the instrumental or classical, music Since it has a relaxing effect on the nervous system. I’m sure that will come new things later with better features. Remember that the important thing is to take actions and thus disconnect from that information in your head. It’s amazing the number of people being affected by stress and illness related to this. Don’t be one of them. Enjoy your work releasing stress!